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"At the time of the visit the inspector confirmed that you were complying with ALL of the requirements of registration for the Childcare Register. Your registration on the Childcare Register will continue."
Date of last inspection: 11th October 2012


Our son enjoyed the SPARK sessions on a Saturday morning and definitely benefitted from them. Four hours seemed long, and he was always tired afterwards, but in a good way. He particularly enjoyed the mix of students and tutors, and the support he got from previous 11+ students. The mixture of computer-based and writing exercises suited him, and having to explain his answers was really important rather than just practising the tests. The best bit was that he did get into Reading School, with the highest score in his primary school. We are delighted and he is very excited. It was a combination of his own hard work; a school which, while it does not prepare students for the 11+, encourages independent thought; and the excellent work that SPARK put in to fill in the gaps, support him to practice, and prepare him for the exam. We as parents also found the advice SPARK gave us very valuable. We will definitely be giving our younger son the same opportunity, and our older one is keen to go back and support new students when he is old enough!
Helen & Richard, 30th July 2013, Reading

"I don't know how much to praise Joe and his team at Spark.Since joining Spark my son's confidence has flourished.At his previous school I was made to believe that he was just average and should not worry if he was not 11+ material.As parents we wanted a second assessment. We took Sam to Sparks and to our surprise, we were told that our son was very bright and that he was not being stretched /challenged enough at his current school.Well, since Sam joined Spark, not only his grades have improved significantly, he sat the entry examination in grammar school in October 2012 and scored 289, and he is not afraid of trying new things. He has also joined a drama club because he wants to be an actor. He now has dreams. He needed to be motivated, inspired and shown that everything is possible if you work hard. In life you need to take risks to succeed. Don't give up before trying.Whatever happens, I now have a son that is happier, confident and less shy.In his new school, we are already seeing improvements on his grades.I am just so thankful that we found Spark. My only regret is that I did not find Spark sooner to have prepared him adequately for his 11+ entry test.I have already recommended Spark to several of my friends. Give it a try and see if it's right for your child. You have nothing to loose and a lot to gain."
Thanks again to Joe and his team.
Nuria Urena, 1st Oct 2012

-- The results of the selection test released late Oct'12 show that Sam narrowly missed out by less than 20 points. We had only supported him for 6 months. It is very likely he would have made it had we supported him a little bit longer!!

SIA Training

I am pleased that you could help us out at short notice – we were impressed!!
Sean Titheridge, Branch Manager RC587, Securitas, June 2012

… Our pupils’ opinions …

Dear SPAAK staff (Joe, Bernard and Bahia),
Thank you for everything that you have done for us. I think I will do better in my SATs now and THANK YOU for the juice and biscuit. Thank you for spending your time with us.
Jasmine, Year 6 pupil, Battle Primary School, Reading 2008

Dear SPAAK staff,
Thank you ever so much for all your help. It really helped. It really helped me in the SATs. I’d also like to thank you for giving up your time to help us.
Layla, Year 6 pupil, Battle Primary School, Reading 2008

To Joe and Bahia,
Both of you helped me achieve my very best. I will always remember everything you taught me, especially the way Bahia taught us how to work out percentages. Thanks for everything.
Alinah, Year 6 pupil, Battle Primary School, Reading 2008